I am proud to be the official photographer of the Sondheim Theater as well as the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center in Fairfield, Iowa.

My interest in photography began in 1972 with my first trip out of the country.  On January 1st, 1972 I arrived in Mallorca, Spain and the beauty was unlike anything I had seen in my life.  I borrowed a friend's Pentax camera and was immediately hooked.  But it took 44 years to hone my skills as an amateur before I was ready for the professional world.  

My passion is weddings and brides in particular.  On her wedding day a bride is more beautiful than she has ever

been in her life.  To photograph her on that day is an honor and a great responsibility because it is through my photos that how she looked on this day will be remembered for decades to come.  

Her beauty, the joy and love the couple and their families share on that day comes through my lens and into my heart.  And so I am a participant in the emotions of the day as I work to preserve them for you in the most beautiful way possible.  

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