Sunshine. Where's the Drama?

Sometimes we seem to be as changeable as the weather. Clouds makes up gloomy. Sunshine makes us happy. So for our wedding, we want bright sunshine without a cloud in the sky, right? Wrong!

As a photographer here are my favorite skies in order

1) Partly cloudy with blue sky and maybe the sun peaking through.

2) Partly sunny with clouds floating in the sky. Essentially any kind of broken sky is the best.

3) Rain, snow, ice - there’s interesting things going on here! Yes, it’s challenging but oh the possible photos!

4) Full overcast - it may be gloomy but the light from a cloudy sky is absolutely the most flattering for a bride.

5) Full sunshine - Yes, I can make art in full sunshine but it is by far the most challenging. We want to keep the bride out of the sun. We aren’t vampires but we’d rather have any of the above skies than this one.

Brittany and Ethan Allen Wedding Album Hal Masover Photography-35.jpg