Really? In a Snowstorm?!

Really!  And an unheated chapel!  

OK, first, congratulations to Felicia and Tyler Aplara!  Two nicer people would be very hard to find.  Felicia is a wedding photographer herself.  But obviously she wasn't going to shoot this one!  She and I have shot a wedding together before, and I was very happy to shoot her wedding for her.  

Hal Masover Photography Felicia and Tyler-1.jpg

With her eye as a wedding photographer Felicia had thought out what she wanted for her photos and I was very happy to follow her lead.  But the weather wasn't!  It started raining on Friday afternoon and the temperature held just above freezing.  But as we drove the 20 or so miles to the wedding venue the highway was a little icy and a couple of cars had spun off the road.  

The wedding was held in an historic chapel in a historic village on the grounds of the Old Threshers Reunion in Mt. Pleasant Iowa.  On the backside of one row of historic buildings is a charming brick walkway.  Felicia wanted first look photos here.  So, with the wind blowing at about 20 mph, and the temperature right at about 32 and freezing rain and snow falling, oh, and Felicia in a sleeveless wedding gown, that's what we did. 

Felicia and Tyler win the award for craziest wedding weather - at least among weddings I've shot.  But, you have to read Part II - Lessons Learned In A Snowstorm Wedding